Terms, Conditions and Software License

The Software License and the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall apply to the program mAcme. Any reference to the program shall mean mAcme and vice versa. These Terms may be updated at any time by the developer.

Licensees are addressed as "YOU" in the second person. Licensees shall mean both registered users and shareware trial users but shall exclude corporate users.

If you have purchased a license or been granted one by the developer, it is for your own, personal use not for resale or redistribution. The developer reserves the right to blacklist licenses that have been abused.

Persons using the program in commercial practice, such as person employed by or operating on instructions of mobile carriers, are required to purchase a license. As any other user, you may:

1. Copy for backup, store and use the program on your own equipment.

2. Export such information as is available for whatever purpose from the program.

You may not:

1. Distribute the program through any means (such as download services, USB sticks, CDs and other optical media, and other software sharing mechanisms, expressed or implied) without the written prior consent of the developer.

2. Share, distribute or publish your license details.

3. Attempt to reverse engineer or disassemble the code or protection mechanisms employed in the software.

The developer makes no warranties of any sort. Because this software is fully-functional before purchase, you are obliged to satisfy yourself as to its reliability before purchase.