A MacUpdate user in his/her review stated concerns over the ability of mAcme to be used for data mining. The following are the facts:

  • The only ways in which this application can send data would be via any internet connection OR via methods available in cellular equipment.
  • Installing firewall software such as the excellent Little Snitch will alert you to any such transmissions and allow you to block these.
  • If any of my users were to study their itemised billing for their data SIM cards, they would instantly pick up if any data mining was taking place via cellular networks, as these items would appear.
  • When clicking the Location-API link, your Cell ID, MNC, MCC, LAC and RNC - none of which identify you personally - are sent to that server to obtain the coordinates of your serving tower. These coordinates (and only these coordinates) are sent to Google to render the map of the tower.

If I am allowed to keep the Location-API hooks in mAcme, the next major release (1.3) will include the options to copy the Location-API link to the clipboard, rather than to retrieve it. It will also include the option to produce the coordinates as part of the current report, rather than opening these in a Google map.

With thanks to Spectral7 at MacUpdate