mAcme: The Mac Mobile Equipment Monitor

So, your provider shipped some craptacular dashboard software with the USB modem they provided to you for 3G/WCDMA connections? And it's ugly? Then you're in the right place. mAcme fills the gaps:

  • Network connection profile, including Country, Network, Signal Strength and Cell ID;
  • Hardware profile, including Manufacturer, Model, Firmware revision and serial numbers;
  • USSD Centre, for asynchronous communications via your provider's interactive systems - over time, the USSD database will grow to include as many providers as possible; and
  • SMS (text message) centre, to send and receive SMSes via your modem from your keyboard.

You'll wonder how you lived without it after a few days. mAcme is available for:

If you represent a service provider and would like to license mAcme for bulk distribution, please contact me for a custom-made solution. If you would like to help develop the USSD database, please contribute.

Please make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of this software (in the download file) before you start using it. By installing and running mAcme, you expressly agree to the terms and conditions.